iBe 歌语企划 一

[:cn]iBe 歌语企划
标题格式:演唱者 – 歌名 – 语种

[:en] iBe SongLang Plan
Plan to post one paragraph of my favorite lyric, to show my felling, etc.
Title Format: Artist – Song name – Language

[:ec] iBe SL Pla’en
Wana poes’ti some’ li`ri`si wh oe like`, s:o` oe’d fio.
Ti`to fomat: Sinr – Son na`m – Lingua’l

[:cn,en,ec]Rock Mafia – The Big Bang – EN

You got me right here
And I can’t wait to finally explode

The big big bang!
The reason I’m alive
When all the stars collide
In this universe inside
The big big bang!

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