Wow, the project is just as huge, or even larger?

Just after I write out the plan of the project, I realised how huge it is. Seriously, somehow I don’t know how to start. It’s quite a mess with everywhere interconnected.  Anyway, I’ll just start with UI design first.

Okay, maybe it’s the time when I should talk about my Noti+Plus.

Noti+Plus is a all-in-one information system for students. It gathers information from sources including school timetable, announcements and etc. Noti+Plus helps students to organise their tasks, update and share their information.


  • Dashboard
    A Google Now-like panel providing the information that you may need the most when you check it.
  • Agenda
    An always up-to-date calendar with all school events and you can contribute to it.
  • Timetable
    School timetable with changes that even happened suddenly.
  • Lesson Assistant Kit
    You are the master of your own lesson. LAK helps you to keep your note, and clear doubt with just a tap.
  • Notification center
    Get the update from all other school related website at the first moment


I really feels like to make a promotion video video for this, I hope I could get this done by next year open house.